Let me start off by saying this:
I intended this blog to be titled “The Picky Eater”, however “” was registered to some guy in B.C. It was only after I paid for the domain registration that I realized how much “The Fussy Eater” resembled “The Pussy Eater”. If you arrived here expecting something involving cunnilingus, my apologies. In retrospect, “” would have been a better choice. Read more

March 1st, 2013 – Back

Well, it’s been a whole year since I was last adhering to these goals. Time to get back on track.

Since I last posted, I fell of the train. I think a few factors contributed to this. First, adding exercise before I had actually broken old habits was too much. Yes, I was eating better at the time, but it was probably too much of a change at once to keep up with. Once production for the show started back up, it was hard to bring myself to include exercise in to my schedule.

I also decided to become a vegetarian. I went vegetarian at the beginning of March 2012, so it’s been a year without meat. I did this for ethical reason, and I haven’t slipped, but I think this also allowed me to convince myself that just by being a vegetarian, I was going to be healthier.

Over the past year, I have found the most unhealthy ways to eat vegetarian.

So, I’m 5.0 kg under where I was on January 1st, 2012, but 2.1 kg over where I was at this point last year. Time to get back on track. Read more

One month in!

Hello February!

As many people have pointed out, I have not updated this in a while, but to be honest, I haven’t had much to say.

The past month has been interesting, but I found that the first week was the most challenging. After about 10 days I no longer needed to make a conscious effort to monitor what I was eating, it just came naturally. Also, the impulse to get fast food had disappeared.

Personally, I think that I’ve been doing pretty good, and looking back on my first month, it’s been a lot easier than I had imagined it would be. That said, eating healthy is only the first step, and I have a long way to go. Read more

January 9th – Week One

I wish I could say something along the lines of “one down, fifty-two more to go”, but the finality that this statement would imply wouldn’t reflect the outcome that I would like to achieve(which is a sustainably healthier lifestyle). Read more

January 4th – Day Three

If only I could go back to Monday afternoon and go grocery shopping again…

I’m having a good time obsessively monitoring the nutritional value of everything that I am putting in my body. The process of having to enter the nutritional information in to the CRON-O-Meter tool has been really helpful, and I feel like I am far better equipped to purchase groceries. Read more

January 3rd – Day Two

I’m 24 hours in to my healthy eating challenge, and so far, yesterday’s Caesar salad was the only real hurdle. I had Vector for breakfast and apples & V8 Fusion throughout the day. I think that I am doing OK as far as healthy choices for the day, but I haven’t made it particularly difficult for myself.

What I mean by making things difficult for myself is the introduction of new foods in to my diet. I like Vector, apples and V8 Fusions just fine, I’m just not in the habit of eating them regularly. This contrasts the Caesar salad which is something that I just would not eat. Ever. Read more

January 2nd, 2012 – Day One

I have not attempted to keep many New Year’s resolutions in my life, but when I have, I have always started on the second of January. Traditionally, I have been too hung-over to break old habits on New Year’s Day.

So, today I went out and spent more money on a single bathroom scale than I would like to think about. If anybody is interested in playing along at home, I am using the Withings Bathroom scale. I chose Withings with this blog in mind specifically. The scale is connected to the internet and instantly tracks and posts the measurement online, as well as calculating BMI. It has a really nice web-interface and it also integrates with, the tool that I am using to track my nutritional intake. Read more